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What does it look like to let your SOUL lead the way?

What is the Soul anyhow? Why does it matter so much at this time?

Your soul has unique characteristics and transmits the creative energy of Source, also called the Divine, in a way that only you can.

Because your soul is made of the same “substance” as the Source of all that is, the more soul you put into your life, the more your life will contribute to the co-creation of heaven on earth, which is an eternal vision humanity carries inside.

Something has awakened in many of you—-I call it the “global heart,” as described in Anodea Judith’s book, Awakening The Global Heart. You are the so-called “lightworkers” who came to assist in the great right of passage that our Earth herself is undergoing.

You are part of the shift from the love of power to the power of love….in business and in all relationships.

Some of you were naturally born knowing this assignment, and others have had your heart awakened by a mentor, a great life challenge, raising a child, deep love and deep loss. Many of you are healers, evolutionaries, creatives who came with a certain willingness to serve the greater good because you already get that we are all One.

You are the wave-makers, path-finders of the New World, and your message must be heard.  You need to remember that you are up to the task.

You are committed to make some kind of positive difference in this world, yet something holds you back from the most powerful expression you feel inside. You are pulled in so many directions, and keep putting off the most important decision. The shadow of unworthiness. and other fears grip you at times.

Some of you fear that time is running out.  I am over 60, and I know that this is a brave new frontier for us to remain relevant with our wisdom and gifts in a youth-crazed world.  You are never too old for your purpose.

The pain of not living your life as wholeheartedly as you possibly can is pushing you toward something new.

Below you will see 3 portals; The Path of Conscious Business, The Bridge of Transformation, and The Door to Love.

I am a coach, psychotherapist, and ordained shamanic minister so I have you covered on all fronts- work, soul, heart. I bring my skill, wisdom and love to assist you in realizing the highest and most beautiful manifestation of your unique soul, in all areas of your life.

You can sample some of my teachings by downloading The Nine Keys To Turning On Your Light In Business And In Life.  You will also receive my newsletter and steady inspiring teachings and stories to help you stay the course.

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There are no hooks. It’s a no pressure-free conversation where we speak heart to heart, because that creates the opening that is needed.  We are in a new paradigm, where we no longer need to be afraid.

Remember to be brave, joyful and kind!

With love,

The Love and Business Sage


The Path of Conscious Business--for those of you who want to offer the world your Great Work, and begin telling a new story of prosperity for all.

The Bridge of Transformation

The Bridge of Transformation–for those of you who want to let go of who you have been, to become the most honest and powerful expression of your unique soul.

The Door to Love

The Door to Love–for those of you who want to learn about the countless expressions of love, how to give, receive, and be love.


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