Insider Secrets to Turning on Your Light in Business and Life

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If you are experiencing a powerful passionate urge to make a positive difference and contribute from your heart at this time, then Hallelujah!!!!!  If you  are ready to create a business and life overflowing with love and prosperity by being fully you, then say YES to the new reality where your Soul leads the way.

The inspiring and creative energies of the Solar Feminine are moving through you! This energy is fueled by compassion and courage. It is the sacred and sexy evolutionary energy that has been suppressed, ignored and even feared for eons, and kept alive by artists, lovers and mystics.

You are most likely one of them, and this is your time!

You have been drawn here if you are ready to……..

  • Claim the multi-dimensional masterpiece you are
  • Come out of hiding completely
  • Step into Sovereignty in your life and business
  • Declare your worth in every domain of your life
  • Tap into the Radical Radiance of your soul
  • Have a huge positive impact on many people
  • Magnetize money easily and have time to enjoy

Hello, my name is Kathleen Hanagan, and I am gratefully fulfilling my mission doing what I was born to do as a Radical Radiance Guide.

That mission? To illuminate and activate the Sacred, Sexy and Sovereign qualities in women committed to their own awakening, so that the planet can benefit from their Radical Radiance. That goes for the men I work with as well!!

My Vision? A world in which every woman has the opportunity and support to turn on her light.

I believe we all have a Supreme Initiative, and that we have everything inside us to fulfill that beautiful and unique purpose.

My Radical Radiance Marketing System for heart-centered entrepreneurs addresses the domains of Health, Wealth, Love and Purpose, translating potent spiritual principles into specific embodied actions. The result is that my clients get crystal clear about their message, claim their full worth, and radically transform their fears into inspired actions that move them in the direction true success.

Blending my shamanic and therapeutic skills with business expertise, I support my clients to create a business and life, resplendent with the unique light of their own soul, where money is part of a steady stream of exchange.

My Radical Radiance Blueprint is for the heart-centered woman who feels called to a Big Vision, and needs the guidance and accountability to clear away the debris of her unlived life and commit with a resounding “YES” to her own awakening.

In both tracks, you become crystal clear about your message, your manifesto and your movement. You get the tools, templates, and most important, the guidance to step into your zone of genius.

I offer a range of programs, as well as VIP packages (business and non-business.) You can come in at any level…just starting out, or as a seasoned business owner who needs to get re-aligned with what is most important in your life. At the heart of all my programs is the Soul Reunification and Initiation, which illuminates, activates and guides you to fulfill your highest destiny.

Say good-bye to watching others live the way you want to.

Stop telling the same story you told last year, and decide now to commit to your Biggest Vision.

When you reunite with and harness the energy of your soul, you stop doubting yourself and you bring bliss back into your life. You get fearlessly focused on what you want.!

This collective approach to women turning on their light is what is helping to create a New Economy and a New World.

Take a moment to listen to your own voice right now. If you sense working with me is a fit for you, I invite you to apply for a complimentary Radical Radiance Discovery Session to see if this work is a fit for you

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This is a movement you want to be part of!

With love and gratitude, I say………

Turn On Your Light,


Love and Business Sage


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